Take Flight With These Tips for Transporting Your Small Aircraft

Through years of practice, you know how to get your personal airplane up into the air with little effort. A time may come, however, where you need to relocate your craft by ground transport. Whether you need to move a single-piston light-sport aircraft or a twin-engine small jet, prepare your bird for the ride by following these steps.

Call Your Insurance Carrier

You do not want unexpected financial surprises. Check your standing insurance coverage to make certain shipping with heavy equipment movers near me will be covered. If not, see about attaching a rider for damage to the plane and, especially, total-loss coverage.

Drain the Fuel

Jet fuel, in particular, is notoriously inflammable, but any plane-grade variety can pose a hazard. Not only should you drain the fuel, but you may be required by some states to perform a complete purge – where all remnants are emptied from every part of the system by an independent company, and the process is certified as complete.

Measure Twice

You will need to provide your transportation company with your aircraft’s exact measurements. Here, there is no room for error. If the company truck is pulled over for a safety and regulations inspection, this information will need to be presented.

Disassemble and Seal

Actually, before measuring, make certain you have removed any parts of the plane as you may wish, including engine or propeller. A partially disassembled craft will present different dimensions than a whole one. Seal off any openings to prevent water and road materials from getting in. You must fit coverings over a jet’s cowl fronts to protect the precision turbine blades.

It may seem strange to have to pamper a plane for slow trailer transportation. After all, it flies at high speeds in varying conditions. Because a carrier can face the unexpected while pulling your airplane over many miles, however, you should make every effort to ensure your precious cargo arrives safely.

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