Caring for Your San Jose Home or Office Plants

San Jose is a beautiful city, and it’s nice when indoors can look as good as outdoors. The key is to bring a bit of nature into your home or office. Flowering plants keep the air fresh and clean, smell nice and add color and beauty to any room. To keep these plants healthy and doing their job, they do require some care. Here are some tips for helping your plants flourish.

Know What Types of Plants You Have

When you buy flowering plants for your home or office San Jose CA, make sure you know exactly what kind they are. Plants can have very different needs in terms of how much water, sunlight and other care they need. Plants often come with a card that has instructions printed on it. You can also ask a helpful florist where you buy your plants.  Plants are living things and have needs.


It’s common knowledge that plants need water to survive. Many plants need to be watered every day. If the petals and leaves are drooping, that’s a sign to water the plant. Overwatering will kill a plant, so be careful to follow directions.


Indoor plants need sun just as outdoor ones do. But it’s important to find out if your plant needs direct or indirect sunlight. Determining the sunlight requirement will help you in finding a good place for it in a room. For direct sunlight, you want the plant in front of a window. Indirect sunlight plants are better placed opposite windows where they can get light reflected off walls.

Plants can brighten up a room and improve your mood. They do need care, so make sure you learn what your plants need and give it to them every day. They will reward you with a more pleasant living space or workplace.

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