How to Maintain Your Roof During a Storm

Many people’s roofs get damaged during the storm season, but we are here with ways you can avoid the damage caused by storms and prepare your roof for what’s to come. You never know if the weather will be calm or raging, as it can be unpredictable during storm season.

First of all, you will want to get a roof inspection from a roofing contractor who is qualified. They can tell you the weak parts of your roof, and an overview of the damage currently done on your roof, as well as give estimates as to what damage repairs would cost.

The second step in preparing for storms is to trim any tree branches that may be hanging above or near the top of your roof. These tree limbs can scrape up your roof during a storm’s strong wind. Once you have trimmed these branches make sure to sweep off any branches or twigs remaining on top of the roof, so they won’t scrape up the roof during future storms. Homeowners with trees near their home may want to do this often to maintain your roof, and its shingles lifespan.

Another step to keeping your roof in good shape during storm season is to clear clogged gutters immediately as they can get clogged fast during raging storms. Make sure to keep an eye on the gutters as well as the condition of the roof itself during storms and winter weather. Contact roof trusses contractors Sydney for more information.

If your home has a chimney, be sure to check its condition to know if it needs to be repaired. What you want to check for is if bricks are loose or if chunks of mortar are missing. If this is so, you will want to have your chimney checked and repaired by a professional.

Finally, another major way of checking the roof’s condition is inspecting the attic during storms to make sure no rainwater is coming through. If there is water coming through there are repairs to make, and you can call a professional to repair the leak and help prepare those weaker spots in your roof for future storms and raging winters. If you have any questions about maintaining or repairing the roof of your home or just want more info, you can be sure to contact us.

It’s always best to leave roof repairs up to the professionals since they all require a specific set of skills, tools, and equipment. It’s dangerous, and not to mention that minor mistakes could very well lead to major problems in the future. But if you’re adamant about doing it yourself, make sure that you’re adequately prepared. Keep reading to learn about the basics of roof repair.

Safety First

You’ll want to make sure that you’re not going to put yourself in a dangerous situation. You’re going to need a good ladder that you can trust, especially since you’ll be going up and down it quite a few times while loading supplies onto the roof. Consider getting your hands on a shingle lift ladder to make things easier. This will save you time and potential injuries. You’re also going to need a helper or two. It’s not the type of job that can be done solo. And if you really want to ensure your safety, consider a fall protection kit. This should include things like a roof anchor, a safety harness, a rope, and more.

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