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Top kitchen trends to try this summer

Trends come and go in all areas of our lives, but never more than in interior design; for example, we had just finished feng shui-ing our homes before it was time to get hygge. This is OK if all you have done is move some furniture and add new throws and cushions; however, when it comes to some rooms in the house – such as the kitchen – changes be expensive and you want to get it right. What are the kitchen trends for 2018?

Technology and appliances

Even the kitchen is not immune to our need for technology at our fingertips 24/7. From taps that sense your hand is near and seamlessly switch on without you touching them to egg monitors that alert you to a bad egg in the box, the possibilities are endless. Most of us won’t go quite this far, but lighting controlled by your smartphone and coffee makers that have your caffeine fix ready for you as you stumble out of bed are likely to make it into a number of kitchens.

Appliances are also seeing a technology update. With the rise in popularity of wall ovens that open like French doors and feature Bluetooth functionality, so the colour of appliances is changing. No longer happy with the boring white, stainless steel or built-in versions that have been popular for decades, homeowners are now seeking freestanding unique appliances in a range of bright retro colours.


It has always been difficult to maximise the storage space in your kitchen, given the amount of piping and plumbing lurking in your cupboards. 2018 will see even greater demand for improved and cleverer ways to hide our kitchen clutter.


White stays as the most popular colour for the walls in your kitchen in 2018. According to the Daily Mail, almost 60 per cent of us choose it for walls and cabinets.


The top three suspects in the flooring category are hardwood, ceramic tiles and engineered flooring. The latter is often used instead of real wood, as it can be more stable and costs less. Specialists such as supply a wide range of colours and styles to suit most kitchens.

Finally, if you can afford it, quartz remains the most desired material for work surfaces, as it is easy to care for and extremely hardwearing.

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