Kitchen Improvements

Tips on Properly Equipping Your Commercial Kitchen

The day has come, and you are finally able to design the kitchen that will make your new restaurant a smashing success. Though you may have a lot of ideas based on experience, they all come at a cost, and most budgets cannot accommodate an individual’s every wish and desire.

By reviewing the following tips, you can reprioritize your kitchen plans to ensure it is equipped properly and operates at peak performance.

Plan for Efficiency

Whether it is a small kitchen or large, you will never regret making good use of the space you have and maximizing the functions of your equipment. By installing industrial steel caster wheels on a preparation table, you can move it to different locations to serve multiple purposes. Additionally, establish areas that are designed for a specific action, so employees always know where to get what they need.

Avoid the Latest Models

Brand new appliances come at a high cost and are rarely better than equipment that has been used or refurbished. There are many high-quality appliances that can be found at a fraction of their retail price, able to perform for many more years. Getting distracted by the latest model of a commercial oven might provide instant gratification, but it is not worth the added cost. 

Lease vs. Own

Much like avoiding new equipment, it makes sense to lease some appliances due to their longevity and expense. Equipment that experiences heavy use, like ice machines, are at risk for wearing out more quickly than high-quality ovens. Therefore, it is wise to rent machines that are often replaced, allowing you to easily swap them out for the upgraded model. Not only are you saving money, but you are also giving yourself peace of mind that repairs and replacements will not be your burden.

Form and Function

Of course, you want a beautiful kitchen but remember what its primary function is and the role it plays in the success of your restaurant. Rather than paying too much attention to aesthetics, be sure you are creating a floorplan that is easy to keep thoroughly clean, comfortable to move around in and has the equipment needed to make incredible dishes. Pay attention to storage space for food and utensils, create ample room for dirty dishes and allow for a dedicated area to stage the meals that ready for diners to enjoy.

There are so many logistics to opening up a restaurant, but without a kitchen, nothing else can move forward. Solid planning and practical applications of design and equipment is worth the time and effort and are always an investment you will not regret.4u

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