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The Top Reasons for Using Granite Kitchen Countertops in Port Coquitlam

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you should consider installing granite countertops in your kitchen. There are so many countertop materials to choose from that it can be confusing for an average homeowner. It is therefore important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different materials before making your choice. Using granite as your kitchen countertop material comes with many advantages besides the obvious ones: beauty and durability.

The first benefit of using granite kitchen countertops is their unique as well as natural beauty. Every granite slab has a unique colour and beauty, which can add character as well as appeal to any kitchen. These colours are distinctive and they change as the lighting in the kitchen changes. Every granite slab is unique. If you choose granite as your kitchen countertop material, you will have a variety of colours to select from, which will definitely complement your kitchen’s design.

Granite kitchen countertops in Port Coquitlam are also a good choice for your home because of sanitary reasons. Granite is a non-porous material, so it will not harbor germs and bacteria. You will also not have mould and mildew growing on your granite countertop surface. Water is constantly used in the kitchen, so you should avoid countertop materials that encourage the growth of mould and mildew. Granite is the best kitchen countertop material to make sure the surface where you prepare your food is safe from harmful germs or bacteria. Your family is your number one priority, so guarantee their safety by choosing a safe kitchen countertop material.

Granite countertop surfaces are very easy to clean. Granite surfaces do not stain easily and all you require to clean the surface is a clean cloth and some soapy water. With granite, you will not spend hours scrubbing the countertop surface to make it clean. There are many food spills in the kitchen, so choose a countertop material that is easy to clean. After preparing your food, you will just need to wipe your granite countertop surface with a clean cloth and you are through with the cleanup. To make sure your granite countertop surface remains in perfect condition, it should undergo sealing every 1-3 years, depending on how regularly the surface is used.

Another reason why you should choose granite as your kitchen countertop material is durability. These surfaces are almost impossible to scratch. You can place heavy pans on the surface and even chop your cooking ingredients directly on the granite countertop surface. It is also good to know that you can place hot cooking pots directly on the surface without damaging it. Even after using it for many years, your granite countertop surface will remain sparkly and scratch-free.

Granite kitchen countertops add elegance to your home while at the same time increasing the home’s resale value. Homes with granite countertop surfaces sell faster and at a higher price. Buyers will prefer such homes since they know the many benefits they will enjoy with granite. Granite might be an expensive countertop material initially, but its many advantages make it a worthy investment for your kitchen.

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