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From today, wine marries design

The number of lovers of good wine is growing. There are many experts, connoisseurs, sommelier capable or novice or simply enthusiasts who love to experiment and collect wines to combine with dishes for special lunches and dinners.

The house must also make room for bottles of wine that must be kept fresh. To combine functionality with the right aesthetic touch, a young sommelier has created exclusive solutions that integrate perfectly into furnishings. In this way, deep love for wine is celebrated by proudly exhibiting not only the taste of the best products but also their undeniable beauty.

At this point the space dedicated to wines becomes a real independent corner of the house that nevertheless manages to integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment becoming much more than just a wine cooler.

Today, the real object of desire for a space furnished in a functional and luxurious at the same time is the design wine cooler of Expo, a fridge wine cellar designed according to modern standards not as a simple object, but as a real piece of furniture.

In this product design and technology come together to give life to a real refrigerated picture, never realized before. The result is an absolutely innovative object, with a refined design, able to make every environment in which it is inserted special, without neglecting its final objective that is to guarantee to every wine the right temperature.

This design wine cabinet stands out from all the other net wine songs made so far for the possibility of being hung on the wall, like a normal figurative painting, even in very small spaces.

Thanks to its minimal size, as it is one of the less deep wine-cellar designs with its 35 cm, this product offers a precious, elegant and luxurious contribution to home furnishings, becoming a real complement capable of embellishing the room.

The design wine cooler of Expo allows storing and serving different wines always at the right temperature. The refrigeration is obtained with a silent thermoelectric plant with a very limited consumption. With these exclusive air-conditioned cabinets for wine, your bottles will always be presented to guests in an elegant way.

The devices offer not only the latest technology but also a modern appearance. This incredible Italian production, combined with creativity and innovative technique, guarantees high quality products, ideal not only for apartments furnished with aesthetic taste but also for exclusive wine bars, hotels and restaurants.

Thanks to the different types of frames and colors, this design wine cabinet can be used in any furnishing, from classic to modern. Its style is elegant, deliberately minimalist and essential. The horizontal arrangement of the bottles guarantees safe storage. It is a unique design object that transforms every environment. The use of glass ensures that bottles and labels are always in sight, an aspect of fundamental importance, especially in restaurants and wine bars, to encourage customers to purchase.

Thanks to this exclusive Expo product, therefore, it will be possible to store different types of wine at the right temperature and to conserve them in a decorative way. Like a painting by an Italian master, with this design wine cellar you can have a painting on your sofa for a unique and impeccable style!

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