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How to use video walls in your home

As technological advancements continue, the price and availability of tech that people can use in their home increases year after year. Today there are only a few devices left that can’t be turned smart somehow. And as the smart home industry matures it’s only a matter of time before the smart home trend and interior design combine forces, to not only create houses that are beautiful, but to create homes that are also technological functional.

If you haven’t heard of video walls, they’re about as simple as you’d expect – a screen or set of screens you display on your walls that are used as part of a smart ecosystem, monitoring system or for information. There are plenty of options of the tech savvy homeowner. As screen technology gradually reduces in price as the technology matures, a market and appetite for home video wall use has grown, and been embraced by many technologically minded individuals.

As you will learn from the below graphic from, video walls can be used throughout your home. They are neither as expensive or as difficult to fit as you might imagine. So next time you’re looking to give your clients home a tech upgrade, consider the following ways that you could incorporate a video wall in your home:

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