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Having pride in where one lives and works, is a key element in the lives of many people. The aesthetic look and design of many structures are to draw the eye, and hopefully the admiration of customers or just passing individual.

The same can also be said of wall & monument design. But, without due diligence and a careful eye these wonderful, architectural masterpieces can crack, wither, or all together topple over. Structural safety, as well as design, are both key factors for any structure.

The professionals at Falkofske engineering are very aware of these crucial facts. Falkofske is a structural engineering firm based out of Arlington, Texas. Falkofske currently serves the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas. However, Falkofkse is also licensed in twenty-five other states which allows them to expand their expertise to several other areas.

Falkofske specializes in many structures and design projects such as:

  • Wall & Monument Design
  • Slope stability
  • Building structural Design
  • Structural Fountain & Water feature design

These are just a few of the projects that can be done by Falkofske. Taking a closer look at these projects will help shine a light on just how much experience Falkofske has. Wall & monument design can not only look pleasing to the eye but can also serve as key points in utilizing space on one’s properties. The land itself is seldom flat and is sometimes difficult to build on but with the right support walls placed, different avenues for design can be explored.

Wall and monument design would be rendered useless without slope stability. Falkofske takes the necessary steps and precautions to prevent landslides and earth creep (slow movement of land). Providing this kind of skill to these projects is a must to allow them to stand against the everyday pressures of the outdoors.

Using structural water fountains cand add a level of aesthetic to a property that just can’t be matched by anything else. Understanding how these structures work and the possible pitfalls that can come with them is crucial to creating structures that will not only be pleasing to the eye but safe and secure as well.

Not only can Falkofske provide expertise on outdoor structural walls but for houses and building structural design. Creating a strong design for houses and buildings allows them to stand against harsh weather, and the test of time.

But with anything some events are unpredictable. A wall could topple over without warning or a monument may show a large crack out of nowhere. However, Falkofske is prepared for this as well. Falkofske can provide structural failure investigations to identify the how and why of structural failure. Simply being able to fix structural failures is not enough. If the root of the problem is not discovered then is would be the same as putting a band-aid on a serious wound. Falkofske can not only fix the issues but find the root of the problem so that is can be prevented further in the future.

As one can see the level of care is there and the expertise is there. With over 30 years of experience, Falkofske remains a prominent figure in the structural engineering field. Falkofske can handle any number of structural jobs ranging to their 30′-0″ retaining walls on a formula 1 track to a retaining wall on the hillside of a house where a landslide had occurred. No job to big; no job to small.

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