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10 Items to Keep in an Office Safe

Purchasing a safe in which to store valuable information and objects securely is a wise investment for any office and business. The anxious may feel they need to store everything of some value to them in the safe while others only the most obvious items. A good starting point is to consider why the safe was bought in the first place. Here are some further thoughts to help:

– Data storage items. It is always advisable to back up valuable data. Most larger offices will more than likely use cloud storage solutions but it is always worth keeping “hard” copies on discs and data storage devices. These may contain data that must be kept securely to meet legal requirements (for example the General Data Protection Regulation) or that is invaluable to the running of the business.

– Personal information held in hard copy. Because electronic devices do fail there are many who still keep personal information in hard copy form such as notebooks and address books.

– Keys to company cars and locked areas. Many office shave key safes but a larger safe also makes the perfect place to hold such items.

– Cash. Many offices run a petty cash system for day to day expenses and this is often held in a lockable box. If a safe is on site this is the perfect place to keep cash.

– Company records. Hard copies of company records hold much data that is valuable and a safe makes the best place to hold the hard copies.

– Legal documents. From time to time a business will need to hold legal documents that contain sensitive and essential information that is in hard copy. This is of course especially the case if the office in question is that of solicitors or barristers.

– CCTV camera recordings. If an office has CCTV surveillance in operation the recordings can be kept in a secure safe.

– Employees personal items. It may be that a member of staff has bought an expensive item or is wearing a watch or something expensive that they wish kept safe during the working day.

– Spare sets of keys. Keys to the office premises and others can be secured.

– Company documents. Documents that if stolen would allow the company to be misrepresented or defrauded.

– Client gifts. Some businesses keep items of worth to present to clients.


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