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3 Tips for Making a More Comfortable Living Space

When you’re home, comfort is important. When you feel happy about your living space, you can look forward to spending time in it. Even if it’s not bad, you can look at three areas to make it better.

1. Temperature

If you leave your house to visit a friend’s air-conditioned patio or if you find yourself hovering over a radiator while wearing several blankets, something is wrong with the temperature of your house. When you notice yourself making huge adjustments, the problem is with the living space and not with you.

In the warm, sunny months, find ways to cut out heat while still allowing some light in. If you have skylights, test out a skylight screen. Sample different shades for the windows around your house. Enhance these improvements by checking your insulation and considering air conditioning and heating upgrades for heat and cold.

2. Sensation

Once your indoor temperature is well-regulated, find ways to ensure coziness throughout the year. An abrasive fabric on a couch might ruin a room for you. Recover furniture that just doesn’t satisfy you, or consider buying new pieces. Add patterned blankets and seasonal wall decor to add character to a room.

Don’t forget about smell either. Maybe you choose to leave the oven open after cooking some fragrant bread. Perhaps, though, you try some scented candles or essential oils.

3. Space

Get rid of chairs, tables, and other items you rarely use or look at. If you like your furniture, simply rearrange it. You might appreciate the loveseat more if you move it near a window and use it to build a reading nook. Ask for assistance when moving large pieces of furniture, and realize that if you don’t like the new positions, you can always return things to their original spots.

Make these spaces yours by adding things that appeal to you.

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