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Top 5 types of projects a mini-excavator hire can assist with

A mini-excavator or a min-ex is versatile in its function and is thus ideal to have in your fleet. They’re not just limited to a bucket attachment. It can couple with a plethora of attachments like augers, thumbs, hammers, and compactors. Due to this reason, a compact excavator hire can assist you with many types of projects. Here’re the top 5 of them:

Landscaping work

Are you looking to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space in your backyard or lawn? A mini-excavator hire can help you improve the grounds and undertake changes you want to do in your backyard or lawn. You may already have a list of equipment in mind but is there a mini-excavator in there? It should. Because it can help you move things around, dig trenches, compact soil, and without even damaging a bit of your property.

Owing to the compact and flexible stature, mini excavators go well with landscaping and for use in small gardens. You can easily operate and maneuver them in your lawn or garden. Courtesy of its versatility, you can use many tools and equipment include couplers, buckets, thumbs, and grapples. So, being a landscaping enthusiast, hire a mini-excavator today.

Repairing sewer lines

Whether you’re looking to take the plunge of a new sewer line or just want to repair an existing one, a mini-excavator offers features that are well in comparison to full-size excavators. Hiring a mini-excavator will let you do such tasks at an affordable rate, unlike a full-scale trencher. So, just make sure the mini-excavator can reach the desired depth. If you’re all set, there’s no point in ignoring such a versatile piece of equipment.

Because of its compact size, the operator has more control over its movement. So, unlike standard-sized excavators, there’re considerably fewer chances of breaking or damaging adjoining utilities like gas or water lines. Whether you already know the exact location of sewer line damage or want to dig up an entire length of a sewer line, a mini-excavator alone can handle trenching. It can easily work around obstacles like power lines and homes, due to its mini size.

Digging swimming pools or garden ponds

So you’re excited to have your backyard swimming pool but are reluctant to hire a standard-sized excavator. Don’t worry! A mini-excavator is the best pick in such a situation. Using a mini-excavator is fun and you can instantly transform your backyard into your spa.

Plowing Snow

Whether it is your driveway where you intend to remove snow from or want to undertake a snowplow on a commercial scale, a mini-excavator hire is an efficient and useful machine for such a chore. The tracks provide it the stability while the long-boom makes it easier for the operator to scoop up and remove snow. The dozer blades attached to the face helps it clearing the snow from the worksite. If you want to undertake a specialized job of snow removal, a snowplow attachment can help you do that without a hassle.




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