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The Valuable Responsibilities of an Arborist

An arborist may help homeowners in the maintenance of their properties through various services. Some of the services of a tree arborist include tree removal, pruning, emergency tree care, planting, and others.


This service is necessary for various reasons such as improving one’s health, property appearance, and overall safety. The arborist will also figure out the type of pruning needed in every case.

Tree Removal

This service is more expensive. You may need an arborist when your tree is dead or dying, causing a dangerous risk, being an obstruction, crowding other trees in the location, or in a location where there is a new construction.


This means you are making sure that a new tree is starting off in a healthy manner, making sure that the tree will grow to its full size. Doing this will also make sure that the tree can provide economic, environmental, and social benefits all throughout its lifetime. Arborists may sometimes plant trees, while most of them recommend tree species that are most suitable for specific locations.

Emergency Tree Care

After a storm, some trees may have to be pruned or removed. Only a professional arborist can do these tasks safely while reducing the risk of these trees to property and persons.

Other Services

A tree arborist may also provide other services such as ensuring plant health and preventive maintenance of the trees. Providing additional support to weak branches of trees through cabling and bracing. Soil aeration to ensure the growth of roots.

It is crucial to hire a professional arborist due to its numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

They are trained in proper tree care.

It can be frustrating for a homeowner to plant and nurture a tree when it dies within a year. This is a common thing among first time tree planters. It may be that they use the wrong fertilizer which is necessary for a particular type of tree. Another reason is the over trimming of trees. It is possible for trees to live longer than humans. How they are cared for affects the tree’s quality of life.

They have the right tools and equipment for the job.

Taking care of a tree requires specialized knowledge about the biology and physics behind trees. The arborist will know how to safely climb a tree, the type of climbing equipment needed, the kind of rigging to use, the kind of saw required to cut a branch, how to operate a crane to efficiently transplant a tree.

Arborists can handle risks to your tree.

One important responsibility of an arborist is they know how to handle threats that may pose a risk to the trees. These are pests and disease-causing bacteria that may kill your tree slowly. Termites may also get into your tree and it may be too late for you to save it.

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