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Best and Worst Areas for Cat’s Litter Planter

Where you decide to put a litter box means a difference between hostility and balance. You probably want your cat to feel comfortable and minimize the chances of soiling the household. Therefore, you should think about the place where litter boxes should be.

One of the most significant issues in the feline world is inappropriate elimination and litter box. As soon as they start to do it, litter box problems are challenging to handle. Therefore, you should determine where to place a hidden litter box by staying with us for more information.

Where Should You Place Cat’s Litter Box?

According to experts, the best places are simple-to-reach and quiet corners that offer privacy. The easiest way to determine is by analyzing where your cat enjoys spending the most time. For instance, if a feline does not enter a specific room, you should avoid placing the box inside.

Cats enjoy being with humans, meaning you should take advantage of their favorite spots. Cat owners do not want to smell or see them, which is why they decide to place them in areas where pets do not go. Instead, you should place it someplace the cat can get used to, but it is vital to be a low-traffic area and away from water bowls and food.

Besides, it would be best to consider different factors that may affect the situation. For instance, the area should feature enough light for cats to see when they go. You can also use bright lights to increase overall visibility. Similarly, as you would not go to a dark corner, avoiding placing it in the dark is vital.

Other factors depend on your cat’s physical condition, age, personality, and household layout. For example, if you have a senior cat with limited mobility, you should place the box nearby. After entering here, you will understand the different options you can find on the market, which will help you choose based on your preferences.

Tips for Litter Training Kittens

Suppose you have adopted a new kitten. If you took it from relevant person, the chances are high that a kitty is already trained. It means the feline mother started with the training process before the kitten grew up.

However, if you get an orphaned kitten who was too young to learn, you should take responsibility and ensure to teach your cat a litter box.

  • It Should Reach Certain Age – Kittens will start using the box when they reach four weeks. If your cat is mobile and develops a digging instinct, you can start with the process. Still, if it is under four weeks old, the chances are low that you will help her throughout the process.
  • Find a Proper Box – Small kittens will have difficulty to get inside the box. That is why you should choose a lip that is low to allow your cat simple access. Kittens are more sensitive than adults, meaning you should choose a dust-free and unscented option. In case you have a large option, you can create a step to ensure the best course of action.
  • Make It Desirable and Accessible – It does not matter if you have cat or kitten because you should always place it in an accessible household areas that feature proper lighting, among other things. Please do not place it in high-traffic or hidden areas. The main idea is to ensure to make a litter box most accessible by placing it into a prominent place to go when they are in need. If a kitten must climb stairs, the chances are high that your shoe or flowers will become a better solution. At the same time, you should scoop it daily to ensure the box remains clean and fresh.
  • Introduce Them – As soon as the kitten stands on it, you should use your hands to scratch the litter. By scratching, you will urge her to learn the importance of a box. You can do it by checking out her paw and try to simulate scratching. When they reach the proper age, they will automatically use a litter, sand, or dirt, which is why the introduction is crucial.
  • Avoid Punishing and Praise as Much as You Can – Some kittens will not understand you, so you should be as persistent as possible. Do not worry because the cat will understand it eventually. It is vital to be as patient as possible during the initial period. Cats will follow rewards, which is important to remember, meaning they should avoid things that cause them anxiety and pain. Punishing will not work. That way, she will become frightened of it. Instead, you should do sweet talking and give treats and pets to ensure comfort and enjoyment.

Check out this link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/suziedundas/2019/05/24/created-on-a-television-show-prettylitter-uses-color-changing-litter-to-monitor-feline-health to learn about latest advancements when it comes to cat litter.

Confine if Required – Suppose you have been trying to do teach her and she does not understand. You can confront her in a large cage or small room. Of course, add the essentials, including water, food, toys, a bed, and a litter box. Since she will have limited items, she will better understand the essentials including that a litter box is specifically there for urgency. It is not a punishment; you should show her attention, love, and encouragement. Instead, it is a learning process. That is why you should be as patient as possible, which will help you ensure the best course of action.


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