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What is the best wooden tabletop option for your Home?

All homes have their unique design, and a premium service like custom wood singapore guarantees uniquely crafted furniture to match your style. Solid hardwood tables give any rooms a tasteful, pleasantly standout look.

Hardwood is the most durable but most expensive choice. Softwood is also resilient, but not as dense as hardwood, so its plank can be scratched easily. It may be a difficult choice to determine which type of tabletop is best for your kitchen or dining room. Here are some buying points that will make your decision easier.

  1. Durable Wood Tops

Oak is the best wood for your table if you want something that will last to pass to your grandchildren. It usually comes in two colors, red oak and white oak. Red oak can be a light brown-ish or a deep reddish color. It also has swirling, flowing patterns of prominent grain.

White oak has vertical yellow-ray lines. Both forms are very long-lasting. They’re not easily prone to denting and warping. And the unique grain will easily obscure imperfections on the surface of the table on those rare occasions. Certainly one of the most beautiful woodtypes.

  1. Wood that brightens up living space

Maple wood can be hard or soft, but if you want something that can cope with the turmoil of everyday life, its recommended to use hard maple.

Maple is a light hardwood with darker stripes and a smooth grain that can go anywhere from cream to white. Furniture makers prefer using maples for cabinets and dressers since it is one of the toughest woods available. If you’re looking for the right wood for your table, it’s also a great choice because it’s moisture-resistant.

  1. Wood with a traditional look

The best wood for your table is mahogany if you are looking for a typical traditional, tasteful feel. Its color, according to the wood age, ranges from deep red-brown to medium-brown. Moreover, the grains are close to each other in a straight-line offering a simple and eccentric look, with a soul on every piece.

Mahogany is not as hard as oak or maple, so it’s easier to cut and fashion. It is also highly durable and not prone to breaking. If you like furnishings with intricate designs, mahogany can give you the most spectacular wooden table you can enjoy.

  1. Wood for making a statement

The bold and daring look of Walnut is impressive. Walnut is the excellent choice for your dining table if you want to make a big statement. It’s especially good, working well with sleek, simple furnishings.

Walnut also has a range of colors such as gray, gold chocolate, black and deep purple. The straight grains give the wood lots of flow. Walnut doesn’t just signify beauty. The hardwood is sturdy, durable, and can endure the test of time.


Wood is an excellent material for a table or any furniture. It is robust, reliable, and stable. You may expect your table to last for several decades in the future when you choose hardwood.

Even if you eventually pick plywood or a softwood, you can always get the most out of your money. After all, you may only be using your table a few times a day.

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