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Steps to Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting into Your Home

Talking about insects that occasionally find their way into our homes, perhaps none is a major nuisance as bedbugs. These small nocturnal insects are invasive and elusive in equal measure. Their ability to hide in narrow cracks and crevices makes them very difficult to eliminate once they invade living spaces. Don’t forget! The interior of the house provides the perfect conditions for these bloodsucking invaders to thrive.

As such, preventing infestation is probably the best strategy to keep bedbugs at bay. Looking for some ideas to keep your home bedbug free?

Below are some tips and tricks you can employ to curb bedbugs in your home.

·         Understand bedbugs

You can’t stop any bedbugs from gaining entry into your home without knowing the basic information about bedbugs. As a first, educate yourself on what they look like and how they behave. Armed with the knowledge, you can then proceed to implement effective strategies to keep them at bay or prevent a full-scale infestation.

·         Cover cracks and crevices

Bed bugs can not only gain entry into your home through narrow openings but can hide in such spaces to escape eradication. Do not assume any paper thin cracks on your walls because bedbugs can squeeze themselves through the narrowest of spaces.

·         Inspect and clean luggage after traveling

Funny enough, sometimes you may be the one welcoming bedbugs into your home unknowingly. How is that even possible? Well, chances of getting in contact with bedbugs in hotel rooms when traveling is quite high. When on the move, you may unknowingly spend a night in a room infested with bedbugs. If you are not lucky, some will hop onto your suitcase or clothes and end up returning home with you. By isolating, inspecting, and thoroughly cleaning/vacuuming all you travelled with once you get, you can prevent possible infestation.

·         Guard your suitcase when traveling

Alternatively, you can prevent bedbugs from hanging on your belongings by wrapping them in a trash bag. For instance, when you check into a hotel room you can put your suitcase in an airtight bag to prevent any chances of infestation during your stay.

·         Be careful with secondhand purchases

While secondhand mattresses, furniture, and beddings are affordable, they are notorious bedbug hubs. Besides, you’ll never know why the previous owners are doing away with them. Whether you are buying a mattress for your baby or additional furniture for your balcony, carefully inspect them before taking them into your house. For extra pre-caution consider cleaning and fumigating especially if you suspect or see any signs of infestation.

·         De-clutter your home

A cluttered home provides attractive environment for bedbugs to hide and thrive. De-cluttering helps eliminate and reduce potential hiding places. Similarly, (by de-cluttering) in the event of infestation, you’ll have fewer hiding spots to target. You should especially remove any clutter lying next to the walls and entryways.

Final thoughts

Full-scale bedbug infestation is a menace you don’t want to deal with in your home. They can prevent you and your loved ones from enjoying a good night sleep. And since it’s far easier to protect your home than dealing with them once they gain entry, take every chance to prevent infestation.

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