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Construct a Smart Workshop

If you love to work with wood or are handy around the house, having a dedicated space to tinker in is a necessity. Take time to plan the arrangement of the area so you can optimize your available room. Ideally, a garage is the best place to set up. If that is not an option, clear out part of the basement and take advantage of the square footage that is being taken up by unused possessions. Donate or sell them off to fund your project. Now you are ready to get down to business.

Create a Workbench

The workbench will be the centerpiece, so configure it in a way that works for you. Take height into consideration and make it tall enough to conform to your posture. Connecting wheels allows for easy mobility and makes floor cleanup a breeze. Look into some quality made noise reducing casters. This type of part has shock absorbing properties and can handle heavy loads. Add a hutch with room for pegboard. Your hand tools will be within grasp at all times.

Wire Smartly

Adding on to existing circuits in a house may be the easiest way to get more outlets, but it isn’t always the safest. An overloaded circuit won’t be able to handle multiple power tools. Instead, install a dedicated one to manage the load. Keep the lighting on a separate line so you won’t be in the dark if the breaker trips. Attach the new outlets well above the floor for convenient access.

A Place for Everything

Get a head start on the clutter that accumulates in workshops by implementing simple storage ideas. Use heavy duty hooks in the ceiling beams to hang devices such as circular saws and sanders. Cardboard cement tubes can be strapped in between rafters to hold miscellaneous dowel rods or scrap wood. Organization of spare nails, screws and bolts is made easy with the use of plastic accessory boxes or bins.

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