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Complete restoration after fire damage

If any disaster hits your property, like flood, storm or fire, the damage is devastative after it. It is hard to access the damage and start clearing the area. If the damage is extensive, you need professionals help as there are many factors you need to think about. You are not expert to assess the actual damage and hidden problems you may have to face while trying to do the cleaning and repairing of your property.

You must not take chances and immediately call emergency restoration company for help without wasting time because damage is increasing with every passing minute. After fire happens to damage your property, water is used to put off fire and add to the damage. The presence of water increases the damage by getting absorbed into every porous thing like wooden furniture, wooden floorings, dry walls, cabinets, carpets, clothes and much more things. Water damages metal and electronics too.

Delay in removal of water may lead to structural damage and mold growth at property. It is hard and traumatic to try doing the cleaning and restoration on your own. Restoration Pros is a fire and water damage cleanup company available 24 hours for residential and commercial properties. They own high quality machinery, vehicles and crew of professionals to perform their services of restoration of your properties from mold, water, fire and smoke, to customer service.

The pros are trained, highly skilled and experienced to perform various tasks of cleaning and restoration of your property back to pre fire condition. They are reliable and trustworthy to hire them for their services. The team of professionals are licensed and certified to do small and large restoration projects.

After fire the professionals, reach as soon as they can at affected area to make an assessment of damage and restoration. They inform the owner of cost of repair and cleaning up. The team isolates the affected area and use temporary boards and tarps to cover the broken ceilings and walls.

Before restoration, the removal of debris, water and objects is done. Removal of smoke odor and soot particles is a very hard work and need special equipment for complete elimination. Smoke odor cannot be seen but it can linger your house permanently and irritate your lungs and respiratory system. Professionals have proper equipment to remove and clean environment from smoke odor without getting affected with it.

The place is dehumidified to eliminate moisture presence. It is important to disinfect and sanitize the area to make it safe and livable.

In the end the repair and rebuilding of fire damaged structure started, depending how much construction is needed. Paint, plaster, dry wall and insulation is done as required. All restored and salvageable things, fixtures such as gas, electrical, plumbing and HVAC system and furniture are replaced.

You can get new look for your home or workplace by having changes in colors in paints or back to its original condition.

Restoration Pros also deals in restoration after mold remediation, hoarding cleanup, sewage backup and trauma cleanup for all size properties.

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