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Common Causes of Home Floods

Water damage can occur suddenly or gradually, but it can have devastating consequences for your home either way. Here are some common causes of water damage that require immediate attention.

Foundation Cracks

Professional services that provide water damage repair Parma attribute many home floods to foundation cracks, which allow water to enter a basement and cause structural rotting.

Homeowners can undertake routine foundation inspections and crack repairs or install a flood alarm system to minimize or prevent basement floods resulting from foundation cracks.

Roof Repairs

Severe storms and wind can deposit heavy snow and other objects on your roof, resulting in cracked shingles and holes that allow water to enter your home. Fortunately, routine roof inspections and repairs can contain minor damage and prevent water from penetrating the roof’s structural layers and entering the home’s interior.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters direct rainwater away from your home’s roof, but when they clog with leaves and debris, water accumulates on your roof or falls down the sides of your house, leading to foundation cracks or other structural damage.

Periodic cleaning and inspection of your home’s gutters can prevent water buildup or leakage into your home.

Leaky Pipes

Pipe leaks can cause the warping of floors and cabinets or lead to extensive mold problems behind your home’s interior walls. Once mold forms, it can spread quickly, and you may need to replace entire structural elements or work with a mold remediation service to purify your home.

Appliance Repair

When dish and clothes washing machines overflow or leak, large volumes of water can spread throughout a home quickly, damaging furniture and floor coverings within minutes. Replacing old appliances with newer models that have built-in safeguards can prevent flooding.

Air conditioning units also contribute to home floods when condenser drain lines are dirty, leaving water from the drain pan unable to exit. A sign of a malfunctioning condenser is an air conditioner that provides insufficient cooling, which can quickly lead to leaks and flooding.

Routine maintenance of your home’s systems and appliances can prevent flood damage.


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