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Choosing an office chair

Being seated when working at your desk is essential. You will avoid back pain and unpleasant surprises, and you will increase your productivity. In the same way that you do not buy the first mattress you see, you have to pay close attention to buying an office chair. We will guide you to better choose a work chair.

Nowadays, we stay hours in front of the computer. Those who use them at work probably spend more time in their office chairs than in their beds. Why then do not we take as much care to choose one as the other? Are we sitting well? Do we neglect our health?

A poorly adapted chair will initially cause discomfort, which will negatively affect productivity due to the increased interruptions in work. Over time, this discomfort can degenerate into real health problems: Chronic back pain, circulation problems in the lower limbs (numbness, retention, varicose veins …) and articulation in the upper limbs (neck pain, shoulder pain and tendinitis …) The choice of a US pedicure spa chair is undeniably a health affair.

Before you shop

In principle, three things must be considered that should necessarily influence your choice: First, it is essential that you respect your physical dimensions. A basketball player, for example, will have special needs! Then you have to look at your work environment and think about the work you’re going to do in that chair. A secretary will not use the same chair as a machine assembler! Finally, it is important that you consider the time you spend sitting in this chair. Will you be there for a few minutes a day, when you take your emails, or will you spend your days there?

At the store

When shopping for your office chair, it will of course be important to try it. To make your choice better, know that the role of the office chair is to support the body enough so that the muscles do not have to work. Thus, there are three supports to watch absolutely:

  1. The seat: The thighs and buttocks must be well supported to remove tension on the lower back.
  2. The support of the file: It is necessary that the curve of the file corresponds to the lumbar hollow to support well the column.
  3. Armrest support: It is important for the arms to fall back to 90 degrees to avoid tension in the shoulders and neck.

It is to meet these criteria that the ergonomic chairs are adjustable. The adjustments that correspond to the three areas to support are essential:

  1. The height of the seat: So that the feet rest on the ground and that the eyes reach the height of the screen, especially if the office is not adjustable.
  2. The height of the backrest: so that the back bulge reaches the height of the lumbar hollow and the back is supported up to the shoulder blades.
  3. The height of the armrests: In order that the forearms rest without tension on the shoulders and, possibly, that one can descend them to get closer to the office.

Other interesting adjustments are included on some models and deserve attention. If you will spend long hours in the chair, consider the central recline, which allows you to tilt backwards, which is ideal for relaxing. Older children should think of the sliding seat, which provides more depth for the big legs. Women with narrower shoulders could benefit from armrests that can tighten in width, so that the arms are supported while remaining close to the body.

Ranges and prices

The limited number of adjustments is precisely one of the characteristics of entry-level products. Cheap, their price ranging between $ 100 and $ 200, these chairs are not ideal for sustained use. To get all the necessary adjustments, and maybe more, expect to pay a little more. So is your comfort in the long run.

That said, some features can inflate the bill. For example, if you opt for a
memory foam pad, similar to that used in the manufacture of some mattresses, you will pay about fifty dollars more. And if you had to decide on leather upholstery rather than fabric, it would be $ 200 more than it would cost you.

Moreover, it is this kind of detail that justifies the high price of some chairs. Indeed, between the middle and high-end chairs, the mechanisms are generally similar. Therefore, it is the design that makes some chairs cost more than $ 500, which you certainly do not have to pay to be comfortable!

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