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Adding a Shower to an Existing Bathroom

Remodelling your bathroom to add a shower stall takes great planning so that your space does not get too cramped when the shower is installed. You must still have enough room to move around without feeling claustrophobic because of the recent addition. It is almost impossible to do a DIY remodelling of a bathroom to add a shower stall, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the task and you just want to save money not paying a professional installer.

Advantages of a shower stall

If you already have a tub and you want a shower stall, you will be able to save on water consumption from always taking baths in the tub. Taking a shower compared to soaking in a tub will use considerably less water. It will also save you time if you are in a hurry but still need to wash. You can just shower and go, unlike when using a tub where you still have to fill it and then drain it afterwards.

Kinds of shower stalls

There are several types of shower enclosures that you can choose from. Your choice should not only be visually aesthetic but more importantly suit your needs perfectly. You can opt for a steam shower if you are looking for added health benefits. Steam is good for the skin, respiration and blood circulation. You can step into the shower and let the steam take all the stress away from your body, and when you step out of it, you will feel energized.

There is also a walk-in shower that is most beneficial to people with limited mobility. Some are equipped with mobility aids such as handrails and retractable seats so that showering is comfortable and convenient. Wheelchair-bound persons can also wheel in their chairs and shower nicely and easily.

The cost

Any type of remodelling, whether in the bathroom or other parts of the house, will surely set you back a few thousand pounds. But if you are able to fully exhaust the addition’s potential and purpose, money spent on it will be worth it. Choose a shower stall that will not only fit your budget but will also give you the most benefits. You can even ask your contractor for tips on which ones will give the best value for your money.

Have a plan

Do not go shopping for a shower stall without having a concrete plan for the remodelling project. You may be in over your head with the first one that catches your eye but will actually not be suitable for your existing bathroom. Consult an expert, so you can have the best shower stall that will not cramp your bathroom space.

You can start your hunt for bathroom remodelling inspiration that will also suit every aspect of your project, from the design, type of shower stall, budget and functionality. You can never go wrong with a shower in your bathroom, and the price does not matter, as long as your option is durable and will not cost more for maintenance.

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