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4 Ways To Quickly Freshen Up Your Kitchen

You like the layout, appliances and cabinets in your kitchen, but you’re wary of its tired, dated style. There are simple steps you can do to transform your kitchen from drab to fabulous without doing a remodel. Here are four ways you can freshen up the look of your kitchen that doesn’t cost a large amount of money.

1. Paint the Cabinets

As long as your cabinets are in good shape, you can give them a new look just by having them painted. White is always a great choice as it brightens up any kitchen. This is one project you need to leave to the pros, so find a company in your area that does cabinet repainting Concord CA, so you’ll get perfect results.

2. Update the Lighting

Old lighting fixtures really date your kitchen, especially if they are of the florescent tube variety. Pendant lighting is a great option over kitchen tables or islands. Choose recessed lighting over sinks and under cabinets. This is another update you want to leave to the pros, so contact an electrician to safely make this change.

3. Change the Artwork

Remove any items currently on your walls that are faded, out-of-date or just don’t look good anymore and replace them with new, colorful artwork. Try not to put something on every wall, but new pieces here and there make a big difference in freshening up a drab kitchen.

4. Plant Some Herbs

A touch of greenery in colorful pots on a sunny windowsill will look fabulous against your new white cabinets. Herbs are a great choice for kitchen gardens as they add a pleasant aromatic scent and are useful for adding flavor to your meals.

Painting your cabinets, updating your lighting, adding some colorful artwork and planting an herb garden will quickly change your kitchen from drab to fabulous!

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