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What Are The Most Energy Efficient Ways To Running An Air Conditioner?

Now that summer is almost here, it is time to start thinking about how to keep your house cool during the hottest months of the year without having to spend a fortune.  The following are some of the most energy-efficient ways to run your air conditioner.

Change Filters Frequently

It very important that the air ducts be kept flowing freely when using a central HVAC unit, and to keep them free of all excess dirt and dust build-up.  This build-up over time can become quite significant and frequently lead to air conditioner vents becoming blocked.

Air conditioner filters can be purchased at a majority of hardware or home improvement stores.  Also, you should get into the habit of changing or cleaning your air filter around once per month so that your air conditioner runs at peak efficiency.  Over the long run, that will help to avoid much of the heavier duty repairs and maintenance that needs to be done.

Keep Your Thermostat Set At Around 78 Degrees  

Remember that a central air unit comes on whenever the temperature goes over whatever you have your thermostat set to.  So, set the thermostat at 78 degrees according to bluon and then leave it there instead of increasing or decreasing it constantly.  That will keep your entire house relatively cool and keep your air conditioner from becoming overtaxed as well as avoid being hit with high energy bills.

During The Hot Summer Months Close Blinds And Windows

Some people might not realize the amount of air that gets lost during the hot summer months due to the sun shining into their homes.  Many people also like opening their windows, which quickly allows a lot of cool air to escape.   Get everyone in the household into the habit of keeping doors, windows, curtains, and blinds closed during the hottest times of the day, in order to keep cool air indoor and to save energy. If this is done on a regular basis during the heat of the summer it will save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills.  It will also save you from having to do unnecessary maintenance on the central air conditioning system since you will be increasing the unit’s overall efficiency.

Another related tip is having good insulation.  Adding better or more insulation to your home will help seal it and prevent drafts from taking away the air source of your air conditioning unit.

Use A Ceiling Fan

When a ceiling fan is used in combination with an air conditioner, it can help to move air throughout the room where it is needed.  Although a ceiling fan doesn’t add air-conditioned, cold air directly to a room, during the summer it does help to draw cool air up in the direction of the ceiling.  You want air pulled up during the summer and pushed down during the winter.  Many fans these days have a switch on the housing that allows you to move it up or down.

Schedule Maintenance Checkups On A Regular Basis

There are also other DIY things that can be done to improve the overall efficiency and health of your air conditioning system.  If you happen to feel comfortable working around electricity and are mechanically inclined, then you can open your air conditioner unit up and examine it for potential problems, like wiring issues, freon leak, and other problems.  You just need to make sure that you really know what you’re doing since it can be potentially dangerous.   Standalone air conditioner units have a high voltage associated with them.  Make sure that the electricity is off and the unit is unplugged before you attempt this.  Also, have a maintenance plan that includes regular inspections and maintenance performed on your air conditioning system by a trained and licensed HVAC professional on a regular basis.  They will be able to let you know about potential problems that your unit might have and provide recommendations on how to run your unit in a more efficient manner.

If you follow the steps above, you can save yourself lots of money and time by reducing your air conditioning, heating, and electric bills, help ensure your unit runs as efficiently as possible, and create a comfortable environment inside your house.  Maintenance will still need to be performed on a regular basis so that more serious repair problems can be avoided in the future.   Keep in mind that maintaining your unit no a regular basis is less expensive, compared to needing to call somebody to repair your unit down the road.  As you are well aware, they always tend to break down at the most inopportune time when you really need it the most!

Due diligence is the key to ensure that your air conditioning system operates as efficiently as possible.  When it comes to your air conditioning system, due diligence refers to making sure your unit runs at its peak efficiency and is kept up to standards.  This helps to prevent you having larger problems in the future. Like most things in life, this basically requires you to get into a routine or habit of doing certain things regularly.  Sooner or later, it will turn out to be things that you do on a regular basis to save time, money, and energy over the long run by ensuring that your air conditioning system operates as efficiently as possible all year long.

The major benefit is all of the money that you will save when you follow the steps above. You will also be able to appreciate being able to keep your electric utility bills under control so that they don’t skyrocket during the hot summer months.  Although it might take some time to get used to having your air conditioner set at about 78 degrees at all times, with practice these measures will start to become second nature to you and you will do it without thinking.   You will really love the result you get from doing just a bit of preventative maintenance and care.

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