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5 Foundation Failure Signs to Look For in Your Home

The home’s foundation supports the entire structure. When there are issues with the foundation, the building can show small signs that gradually grow to become huge problems. Here are the most common signs to look for.

Settling Issues

Over time, the foundation can sink or settle resulting in the structure appearing uneven. A company specializing in foundation repairs Tulsa OK can install piers along the inside and outside or lift the home to relevel it. Most settlement happens vertically rather than horizontally. The foundation does not settle the same due to changes in moisture levels in the concrete.  

Sticky Doors

Sticking or stuck doors are not only a pain to deal with but can also indicate an issue with the foundation. An unlevel foundation doesn’t allow for the smooth opening and closing of doors or windows. Humidity may be a factor in sticking doors, but if it lasts more than a few days after a heavy rain, it is more likely the foundation.

Cabinet Separation

The cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom are screwed into the wall. When they start to separate from the wall it could be due to a foundation issue. The cabinets are level with the wall, but over time, they can move away as the walls become unlevel due to foundation issues.

Sagging Floors

Pier and beam foundations can become unlevel really affecting the floor. Dipping, sagging and bowing are common with unlevel foundations. Concrete slabs can cause the floor to be unlevel when they start having issues. Stopping the foundation from moving is crucial to safe movement on the floor.

Slab Upheaval

Opposite to settling issues, slab upheaval is when the slab moves upward. Similar to settling, the moisture levels can cause upheaval due to plumbing leaks, excessive rain or clay soils. Fixing the slab along with any other issues is critical to saving money with water for broken pipes and preventing further problems. These are only a few of the issues to look for in your foundation.

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