What to Consider Before Buying New Appliances

The refrigerator is arguably one of the most important appliances that can call your kitchen its home. More than just a convenience, it allows you to safely store perishable foods without the risk of getting ill.

Since the fridge has such significant responsibilities in your kitchen, you can’t replace it with just any make or model. As most appliance repair experts will tell you, it’s important to spend a considerable amount of time going over the options available to find the one that would benefit your home.

While all models of refrigerators share the same basic function of keeping your food cool, there are different kinds that offer different advantages to others. You should consider things like a fridge’s capacity, special features, installation guidelines, and design before you invest in any one over another.

Most families shopping for a new fridge will expect a small freezer to come with it. The traditional design for the most basic fridge will have a smaller freezer on top of the refrigerator case. This freezer accounts for roughly a third of the overall capacity of the unit, leaving the majority of the space for the fridge itself. You can expect to easily store larger dishes and containers in this type of fridge, making it ideal for families who need a lot of storage.

Due to its familiar design, it’s typically the cheaper option too, but it does have its disadvantages. Its large capacity requires it’s installed in a deep, wide space, so it’s not optimal for those with limited kitchen space. Its freezer section may also be difficult to reach for those who are shorter than average.

The next most popular design for fridges is one that inverts the previous style’s top-freezer layout. With the freezer at the bottom of the unit, this configuration places the refrigerator at the top. Given that it’s basically just the traditional style flipped, the bottom freezer fridge still requires a lot room, but it’s still easy on your chequing account.

For those who have very limited space in their kitchens, a counter depth refrigerator provides a superior option. The shelves of this style are much shallower than its traditional counterparts, and they usually sit flush with any counter space. Their doors – available either in side-by-side configuration or as French doors – don’t require as much room to open, making it the ideal refrigerator for cramped kitchens. Unfortunately, because they stray so much from the typical refrigerator scheme and require some customization, counter-depth fridges are more expensive.

Beyond these three kinds of fridges, there are still more designs available. French door, freezer-less, compact, wine, and drawer fridges are available according to the limits of your budget. Design, efficiency, and capacity are also decisions you’ll have to consider before you invest in a new fridge for your home.

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