Tip to Use Rustic Furniture in Your Modern Home

Rustic furniture can offer the perfect contrast to the contemporary elements of a modern home. Rustic furniture can be the showstopper amidst various modern amenities and accents. You can use the rustic and modern combination to style your home with a unique touch. Here are some tips to use rustic furniture in a contemporary setting. Combine a single rustic element within a modern setting. Use a reclaimed wood table in the living room with comfy sofas in a material of your choice. Use stone tiles on the walls behind the sofas and place plants on the side. You can add a lamp with an industrial design on a table. Use metal bowl on the center table. You can decorate the dining area in a similar fashion. Use a marble or granite dining table with chairs in bright colors. Place a rustic console or side table in that space and use it for accent pieces. For your bedroom, a rustic vanity or cabinet can add the vintage touch while the rest of the space can use modern touches. Use linens in light colors in the bedroom to add softness to the decor. Use rustic furniture in outdoor settings of a modern home. One of the best ways to use rustic furniture in a contemporary setting is to utilize the outdoor areas. You can use a reclaimed wood table on the patio or by the poolside along with wicker chairs. If this space is large, you can also place a wooden table and benches on the other end to create more seating space. Use colorful upholstery and mats on the chairs and tables. Such a setting is ideal for outdoor entertaining spaces in modern homes. Create a living room using wooden furniture. Wooden furniture doesn’t need to be rustic. You can use a reclaimed wood table with customized wooden sofas in modern elegant designs to create a unique look. Keep rest of the space causal and uncluttered. For large spaces, this type of look can bring a more comforting touch as the setting is causal and cozy. Furnish your dining room with mix and match elements. Your dining area can be formal or fun depending on the furniture. For a causal yet elegant look, use a reclaimed wood table to create a rustic setting but modernize it with comfy chairs. Use a light fixture with crystals and decorate the walls with edgy artwork. Decorate your modern bathroom in a rustic fashion. Bathrooms are perfect spaces to combine rustic with contemporary and to mix modern with traditional. You can install modern faucets and lights in the bathroom. But use a rustic vanity and bring an ‘aha’ element to your personal space. You can also use a mirror with wooden frames in the bathroom to increase the decorative charm. You can use your personal sense of aesthetics to devise endless decorative ideas using modern and rustic elements.

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