Our tips for choosing an office chair at a lower cost and quality

You are a student, self-employed, employee or decision-maker and you are looking for an office chair at a lower cost and of good quality .Two strengths that seem contradictory, but that can be found very well in some models of office chair.

Choosing an office chair at a low price: stop the preconceived ideas

Often, cheap product let’s think of medium quality product. But, stop the prejudices: the office chair is available at a lower cost by some dealers. More interestingly, you can very well find comfortable and solid pieces.

Certainly, do not expect to enjoy the most performing office chair on a budget. Nevertheless, you can find the model that fits your requirements and your portfolio. What criteria then remain decisive in the choice of a good cheap office chair? Should we sacrifice some “luxuries” in order to benefit from a cheap and decent model?

Criteria to consider for your purchase: comfort and safety

A good office chair at a lower cost and quality should of course meet your needs for comfort and safety. When buying, always consider the frequency with which you intend to use your equipment: low-priced office chairs can be fitted with a mechanism that is perfectly adapted to this frequency.

As a reminder, the main mechanisms of the office chair are the asynchronous tilting mechanism, the permanent contact mechanism, the tilting mechanism centered, the offset axis tilting mechanism without forgetting the standard mechanism. From the moment your accessory serves as a booster chair, this last mechanism seems more fitted to your wallet. However, for long-term use, use the centered tilting mechanism, providing a continuous resting position. What can make you forget the armrests, can literally flambé the price of such a chair.

A pleasant use chair at a low price

A chair at lower cost and adjustable in height? This is ideal for optimizing your working conditions and preserving your health, especially your back. This is even more important for children who, in addition, need a chair that evolves with them over time! Then, to optimize your comfort, your low-priced chair should at least offer a padded seat, if it does not offer more functions to be more comfortable.

The ergonomic chairs are renowned for being the most expensive. Thus, if you intend to reduce your expenses and you want at any price this type of chair, it will be important to avoid the angle of inclination of the seat, the lateral adjustment of the armrests when the interesting model has, adjusting their width, and then adjusting their height.

A cheap ergonomic chair, which you can adjust the height of the folder which can also be tilted in any case, you can enjoy a good price / function.

What about stability

Whether it’s an ergonomic or classic model or pedicure chair, a good office chair at a low price should be equipped with a base that ensures perfect stability. Here again, consider the main use of your chair: for a specific use (less than 3 hours per day), probably no need to opt for casters when your accessory already offers a padded seat. However, it all depends on the height of your budget: an office chair style executive chair, with armrests, wheels, which pivots, which tilts and imitation leather, and sold around 60 euros, it exists!

Otherwise, by choosing a swivel model at a reduced price, this type of chair in its classic version often has a compact seat. For its part, the most minimalist office chair has fixed feet, a compact seat and does not swivel!

Office chairs at lower cost: a wide choice available

In the end, you will find a very wide choice of cheap office chairs. For their part, some discount specialists guarantee in addition to offering pedicure chairs for sale with armrests, which relax your muscles and support your spine, and then offered in a multitude of different colors, offering as a bonus a trendy design, as it is the case of these models with original coating.

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