Keep Your Carpet Looking New With These 4 Great Tips

There’s really nothing better than a new carpet fresh from the manufacturer’s. However, as lovely as it is to bring home a brand new carpet, it doesn’t take long before fears of the first stain or spill start to enter a homeowner’s mind. While your carpet might not feel new forever, you can keep it looking brand new by following a few incredibly simple steps each week. Finding new ways to keep your carpet clean won’t be difficult, especially if you find a great carpet cleaning Indianapolis option that offers local, fast service. But when it comes to keeping your carpet looking like you just brought it home, you’ll need to take measures into your own hands. It doesn’t require a ton of extra work to give your rug that extra bit of care and consistency during cleaning days. For a brand new-looking carpet, here are a few handy care tips.

1. Vacuum Often

If you have a brand new white or light-colored rug, it will be relatively easy to tell when your carpet cleaning is inneed of a vacuuming job. However, with darker-colored rugs or rugs with intricate patterns, it’s easier to put vacuuming off for a while to leave dirt and dust to collect on your rug’s surface. This “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy, however, can be extremely harmful to your rug, especially if it’s causing you to vacuum on a less-than-regular schedule. Even if your rug doesn’t look dirty, sticking to a once-a-week cleaning schedule at least will help you keep on top of dirt and dust buildup. Over the course of a week, your rug accumulates a ton of potentially bacteria-causing dirt and dust mites that make their way deep into your rug’s fibers the longer they’re left unchecked. That’s why vacuuming at least once a week, and potentially more often for high-traffic areas, can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your rug looking its best.

2. Fluff Up Your Fibers

Cleaning your rug is incredibly important if you want it to look its best. However, if you want to truly keep your carpet looking exceptional, the trick is to keep its surface fresh and fluffy by adding a bit of extra TLC every so often. When you have the time, try perking up your rug’s strands by applying a bit of steam hit and using a fork to “comb” through the fibers. This will allow your rug to escape looking flattened or dull. If you have a rug with long strands, they could easily get matted or tangled after periods of extended use, especially if you’ve just had a party or even a few guests over. Taking the time to gently apply steam over the surface, using a slightly damp hand towel as a buffer, will give your rug a new brand new look in no time.

3. Get Carpet Padding

To keep your carpet looking new, it has to be protected from all angles. Vacuuming regularly will help protect your rug’s surface from harm, but getting the right rug padding will go the extra mile in terms of keeping your carpet protected from dirt absorption, premature wear, and slippage. The right carpet padding will provide a moisture-proof, wear-proof barrier that protects your rug’s base from direct contact with the floor. The padding will absorb any stray dirt or dust and can be easily cleaned without a ton of mess. Padding can provide that extra layer of care that can end up adding years to your rug’s life. It will also make things way more comfortable and temperature-controlled for your family in the long term, providing that extra support underfoot for areas with higher foot traffic.

4. Stay Regular with Cleanings

Even if you do your best to stay on top of vacuuming and keep your rug looking fluffy and fresh, there are going to be times when you encounter serious matting, tough-to-erase stains, and odors from pets or residue. When this happens, the key isn’t to try to fix everything on your own. Putting aside a bit of extra money to make sure your rug gets the best professional care possible will do wonders for extending your carpet’s lifespan. For best results, you should have your rug professionally dry cleaned or steam cleaned at least a few times a year. If you encounter a stain that you simply can’t treat, or if you’re worried about mold buildup after an especially nasty spill, take your rug to get cleaned right away to minimize the damage.



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