4 Helpful Bedroom Carpet Shopping Tips

You find yourself calling on professional carpet cleaning in manhattan beach ca yet that bedroom carpet of yours still looks old, dingy and faded. Maybe it’s time to replace it entirely, but you’re not sure how to choose carpet that will maintain its luster over the long term. For most consumers, there are simply too many choices out there and it can be nearly impossible to decide.

It’s true that putting in new carpet in any room can be a large undertaking, but it’s particularly challenging for a bedroom. You need to move everything out of there while the workers are installing your carpet and then put it all back in. So you want to do this only once.

That’s why it’s very important to select the right carpet wisely. But this can also be tough, as carpet stores have so many styles, colors, and textures to choose from. That’s a lot of time browsing through carpet sample books as you look through one showroom after the next, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices before you.

In order to help make that task just a little bit easier, here are four helpful bedroom carpet shopping tips you should keep in mind before you start to browse.

1. Foot Traffic

Bedrooms may not get as much foot traffic as a living room or other common areas of the home, however, you should be cognizant of who’s bedroom you will be putting carpet in. A master bedroom is typically larger and might have a bathroom or outdoor patio or deck connected to it.

These things could play a role in contributing to how much dirt or moisture might get on your new carpet and this could impact what color or style you choose.

If it’s a guest bedroom with very little traffic or a child’s bedroom, these factors are also important to consider when you pick the carpet you want for your home. The former may have little to no dangers of damaging the carpet, while the latter comes with an increased likelihood of potential for messes and accidents. Pets in the home increases those chances, especially in the case of the latter.

2. Color and Style

Taking these and other possible risk factors into account, you can then decide on the color, pattern, and style of carpet you want to install.

Lighter carpets are going to be less forgiving about stains as those may be more noticeable should you be unable to eliminate a mess entirely. For those rooms where this could be an issue, many consumers tend to go for a darker alternative. But a dark carpet doesn’t fit in every room and could actually end up making the room look small and cramped.

Size is important in choosing a carpet because it can have such a major effect on the appearance of the room. As darker carpets can have that effect on a room, you may wish to go with something darker in a room that is larger while smaller rooms may look bigger with a lighter carpet installed. Bright and light colors can sometimes make big rooms feel cold or sterile.

Part of this effect is due to the lighting in the room as well. If a room gets plenty of natural sunlight, that can bring out the brilliance of your carpet and make it shine, while darker rooms will have the very opposite effect. Consider how much light your room has inside of it, both natural and artificial, to consider what kind of carpet is best for your bedroom.

3. Quality Matters

Consumers who buy carpet are often inundated with fancy buzzwords touting the latest carpet technology. That’s because many of the carpet manufacturers believe that when you hear these big words, you’re going to feel assured that you are getting a high-quality carpet.

Not so fast. You want to actually look at the carpet itself and find out which of those technological marvels will be of the most benefit to your particular situation.

Look for sturdy fibers that are weaved well, these are the best indicators of a top quality carpet that is going to last for a long time. As for the fancy features, stain resistance is going to be your number one priority as this will preserve the look of your carpet without letting pet messes and errant spills make lasting impacts that you’ll see every time you walk into the room.

Consider maintenance as well. Some carpets require more of it than others, and while all carpets should be vacuumed on a routine basis and professionally deep-cleaned once or twice a year, you will find certain carpets come with warranties that are very strict about upkeep.

4. Recycled Carpet

Homeowners who are looking to go green can find a carpet to suit their tastes as more companies are now using more recycled materials in their manufacturing processes than ever before. The result is a product that looks beautiful and you’d never know it was sourced almost entirely from recycled plastics.

Even more intriguing is the fact that some carpet companies are creating brand new carpets by recycling old ones that have been torn out and discarded. This keeps them out of landfills where hundreds of thousands of pounds of material sit every year.

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