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Why you should choose a composite door

Front doors should be made to withstand all weathers and last for many years, but if you do notice any signs of damage or wear and tear, it’s important to replace your door as soon possible, and one very worthwhile option is to consider a composite door.

Composite doors were first invented in the 1990s and quickly became an alternative option to the already popular UPVC door.

The main difference between the two doors is that a UPVC door is made of plastic, whereas a composite door is made up of different materials, including UPVC and wood. A composite door also has a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin wrapping and a thick polyurethane foam core, making it weather resilient and extremely hard-wearing, capable of standing up to extreme weather conditions.

Companies such as Dublin windows and doors experts, Keane Windows ( offer a wide range to suit every household. Because of the unique composition of a composite door, it is far more resilient than most replacement doors and therefore a better investment than many timber alternatives on the market.

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The woodgrain effect on composite doors makes them look exactly like a timber door, but without the need to regularly sand, varnish and repaint.

Colour and style

Composite doors come in a wide variety of colours including white, oak, mahogany, rosewood, black and cream. Most modern doors feature a multi-point locking system, ensuring maximum security and reassurance. They can be fitted to most existing door frames and although often used in new builds, these doors are also perfect for older properties. Because of the choice of finishes available, they can be used in cottages and older style homes without changing the original character of the house.

If planning any home improvements, it is always worth taking your time and making sure you are spending your money wisely. An article published recently in Which Magazine looks at how effective planning and research can ensure that you don’t go over your budget and that your money is being spent wisely –


Badly fitted or old front doors can bring draughts into the home and make your home lose heat quickly. A composite door provides great thermal efficiency, keeping the cost of your heating bills low and providing energy-efficient solutions for hallways, making sure your home stays warm in the winter months.


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