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5 Great Interior Designing Tips For Your Home

The way your home’s interior design speaks volumes of you, which is why you should ensure that it sends out the best vibes. But what can you do if you don’t have the knack for design or you can’t seem to get your décor right? Well, first, you’ll be glad to know you are not alone because while some have people have a natural eye for great home décor, not all of us have this unique ability. Secondly, with these tips, you can now create a space that is not only cozy but also stylish, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or own a home.

  1. Choose a colour theme

Colours play a huge part in any home’s interior design. While it is okay to use various tones, being consistent with your colours is what creates a memorable design. In other words, finding the balance between the shades you opt for, is the key to creating a magnificent home. Therefore, set a theme for your home. For instance, you could choose dark brown as the primary colour, and then use different shades of brown on various pieces of décor and from room to room. For instance, if you choose brown as the theme colour, go for dark brown seats, then bring in a carpet or runner rug with different shades of brown from light to coffee brown. To break the monotony use a brighter colour such as orange, turquoise blue or lime green for the throw pillows, the curtains, and other pieces of décor. You could also use a bright slipcover for one of the seats. In a nutshell, select one colour theme and then use another colour to balance it out.

  1. Create a focal point

A room’s focal point is the most evident feature in it. In other words, it is the point that immediately attracts your attention whenever you walk into a room such as a fireplace. If yours doesn’t have one, then it is up to you to create it. One way to create a focal point is by painting one wall in a different colour and then incorporating floating walls on it. If the walls in your home are painted in dark colours, then use a bright colour to create the focal point and vice versa. You could also use huge art pieces, large mirrors, a huge neon light art piece or several framed photos to create the focal point. For perfection and other options, you should always take help from an interior design company like Advantage Interior Design who possess relevant experience in such work and can actually understand your perspective.

  1. Go vertical

If you think that attractive interior décor is only possible in big spaces, then you are in for a surprise. It is possible to make your compact space look great and at the same time make it feel bigger by maximizing on your vertical space. Going vertical not only gives you extra space but also gives your home a unique touch. There are various ways to maximize on your vertical space, for instance, make a floating shelve, which you could use as a bookshelf and reduce clutter on your horizontal space by getting the books out of the way. Hang art or décor pieces high up on the walls, or curtains and other window treatments at ceiling height or you could use low-slung furniture as this tends to make the room feel taller. However, note that utilizing vertical space is not limited to compact areas only, as this technique works in large spaces as well.

  1. Use lighter shades in smaller rooms

If you want to make the smaller rooms in your home feel airier or spaced out, go for light shades as they tend to create an illusion of a bigger space. Colours like white, cream, ivory and other similar bright shades tend to have this effect on any area, despite its size. Also incorporate a few mirrors, for instance, placing a huge mirror directly against the source of light, such as the window not only creates an illusion of a bigger space but also reflects the light brought in by your window into the room and hence is an excellent source of natural lighting.

  1. Don’t forget your lighting

Lastly, don’t forget this vital aspect. Your interior lighting directly impacts your design choices. You may get the décor and furniture right, but if you go wrong on lighting, then all the hard work you’ve been putting in goes to waste. This is because the lighting sources and colors you choose tend to change the way a colour is viewed. For instance, the more light there is on a surface, the more vibrant it looks and the better. Therefore, using brightly lit bulbs are great for a home with dark colours as they tend to make them look more vibrant while too much lighting in a room with bright colours tends to make it look oversaturated. Lighting also tends to make the room feel bigger. Therefore, if your interior décor is mostly in dark colours, then use brightly lit bulbs but if it is in bright colours do the opposite so you can create the perfect ambience.

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