Essential Supports for the proper Pool Equipment repair

Even with highly sophisticated automatic cleaning systems, including vacuum cleaners, pumps and water filters, all pools must be serviced. As the professionals remind, these systems keep the pond clean, they do not clean it. If you let the algae and dirt accumulate, you will end up spending hours scouring it manually. Here are some pool maintenance tips.

Smart tips on maintaining the different parts of a pool

  1. Devote time for maintenance

Spend at least five minutes a day on your pool.Take it around, pick up debris near the edge and check that the water is clear and not cloudy (sign of pH disturbance).If more than five or six leaves are floating on the surface, use a telescopic dip net to remove them.The automatic suction system will occasionally pick up a twig, but its main function is to clean the dirt: if there are too many leaves and you may clog it.

  1. Maintain the chlorine dosage

Maintain a dosage of chlorine (bacteria and germ destroyers) as recommended by the manufacturer.To limit the formation of algae, use an algicide, not chlorine. After the rain, watch for their appearance, especially that of mustard seaweed.If your pool is shotcrete, beware of copper-based algaecides, which can stain the material.Read the manufacturer’s recommendations. The options are also there now.

  1. Maintain skimmer and filters

Clean the skimmer and filters regularly, at least once a week, more often if necessary.

  1. Sweep the surface

Regularly sweep the surface at least once a week.Walk around the pool collecting all debris with a telescopic dip net.Empty the net from time to time so that the debris collected does not fall back into the pool.Remove daily that floats on the surface of the pool with a telescopic dip net.Then clean the center of the pelvis: stretch the handle of the net as much as possible, drop the returned net into the water and bring it back to you.

  1. Scrub the walls

Rub the sides of the pool with a long-handled scrubbing brush from top to bottom; go around the basin.Brush them once a week or more if necessary.

  1. Wash the basin

Clean the edge of your pond (the water line) with a special product for sale at pool installers.Clean your pool tile once a week with a long-handled scrubber.

  1. Dust the bottom of the pool

Clear the bottom of dirt and debris that has settled on it.First remove the largest dirt with the dip net.Then attach the head and vacuum hose to the end of the telescopic shaft.Gradually walk around the pool towards the main drain.To fill your water suction hose (what to do before vacuuming), hold the tip against the pool’s backwash until it is full.Thus, you will not have to plunge the pipe, then to raise it laboriously.

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