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What Carpet Should You Get If You Have Several Pets?

Pets are wonderful to have around the house. They bring joy, excitement, and a ton of mess wherever they go. And while no one can say no to a bit of joy and excitement, most homeowners can certainly do without the mess. Whether you’re dealing with urine stains from puppy training, tons of shedding and cat hair, or pet odor getting deep into your rug and lingering there, you should know there’s a better way. Thanks to companies like Green Dog Chem-Dry and special pet-friendly carpet options on the market, choosing carpet that will stay free of pet stains and odors isn’t a huge challenge. Now that we have high-tech stain proof technology, we can stop pet odors and stains before they even start, making it easier than ever to own pets and keep a pristine, beautiful-looking home rug at the same time. If you’re looking for a carpet that will stand its ground in the face of pet mayhem, here are some things to look for.

Choose Low-VOC

Every pet owner wants to come home to a clean, stain-free rug. However, it shouldn’t be at the cost of your general health. Because pet-friendly rugs use specific stain-blocking technology, they have to be made of synthetic fibers rather than natural fibers. Because of this, you’ll have to deal with VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, in your rugs. VOCs come in different levels in every synthetic fiber rug you can find, but in order to make the right purchase, you’ll want to make sure your rug is a green label selection with a low-VOC value. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with a ton of irritants blocking your airway. This is especially important if you or anyone in your family has allergies.

Stain-Resistant is Essential

Your pet-friendly rug has to be many things: Stylish, easy to maintain, and scratch-proof. Most importantly, however, it needs to be resistant to staining. You can achieve this a few ways, either by purchasing a specific pet-friendly rug from a local manufacturer, getting a stain-proof rug that helps protect against liquid stains in general, or opting for a factory-sealed rug that will allow you to have greater control over rug stains and odors. No matter what you end up choosing, you’ll need to have some kind of protection against staining if you want your rug to make it through the long-term. Even if your dogs and cats are potty-trained, they’re going to have their occasional accidents, especially as they get older. If your rug doesn’t come with a moisture-proof barrier, not only will you end up cleaning a ton of pet stains, you’ll have to deal with lingering odors that will bring your pets back time and again to the same spot. You’ll also run the risk of mold growth if you’re not cleaning your stain properly. While cleaning pet stains with enzyme-focused cleaners is a great way to clean up urine stains, you want to avoid having to actually treat your rug every time your pet has an accident. Stain-proof options allow you to simply dab up the stain with a paper towel, spray some cleaner, and go about the rest of your day hassle-free.

Short-Pile Rugs are Easy to Clean

Your dogs or cats aren’t just going to use your rug as their personal bathroom. They’re also going to end up rubbing all over it, scratching it, and snagging it long before it’s even a year old. Because of this, you want to protect your purchase by getting a short pile rug that won’t snag or develop scratch marks easily. Long-fiber rugs give cats a lot to work with when it comes to inflicting damage. Short pile rugs, however, aren’t just naturally easier to clean, they’ll seem like a way less attractive scratching post to a restless cat or kitten. Most stain-proof rugs come in short pile form to begin with, so this won’t end up limiting your search.

Moisture and Mold-Proof Options are Best

You don’t just want to be aware of eradicating your dog or cat’s urine stain. Ideally, you want to protect your rug from any further damage as a result of exposure to moisture. Choosing a stain-resistant rug will help you avoid any mold or mildew forming in your rug’s fibers due to the stain-proof technology’s rejection of fluids. Mold growth in your rug can be a huge hassle, which is why you should always opt for a synthetic fiber rug with stain-proof technology. While factory sealant can do the same job, you should always opt for a specifically stain-proof option to cover your bets.

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