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5 Keys to choose the best carpet 

Carpets are the best ally for a home when it comes to decorating. It is not easy to choose the best natural carpets for your home, and that’s why today, we want to help you in your decision

After reading our blog article today, you will undoubtedly want a rug for your home.

1- Size of the carpet:  It is essential to choose the size of the carpet well for our house. Otherwise, we will create a negative effect on our decoration. There is nothing uglier in decoration than to see how a carpet stays small or too large, in a room. So that you do not fall into errors when choosing the size of the best carpet for your home, keep in mind these indications:

  • For the dining room, if the table measures 90 x 180 cm you have to place a carpet of 270 x 370 cm (adds 180 cm more)
  • In the living room, the front legs of the furniture (sofas, coffee table …) should be on the carpet.
  • A rule for the bedroom is that part of the carpet is under the bed. The arrangement would be that three pieces are around it and measures between 90 and 120 cm.

2- Soil color: Although it may seem silly but it is not. We already know that the carpets are to cover the floor, but you will not cover everything, and therefore you have to take into account the color of it.

So, if the color of the floor is dark it is advisable to choose the best carpet in light and neutral tones to add more light to the environment. On the other hand, if it is of dark tones, you can give personality and strength to the environment, with more daring colors.

3- Color of the walls: It happens the same with the color of the walls of your house or of the room where you want to locate the carpet. As the carpet is another decorative element, you should take into account the same details as when choosing a painting, a vase or a picture frame.

4- Use that is going to give: This section is one of the fundamentals when choosing the best carpet possible for our home. And is that depending on the specific use that we are going to give the carpet, where we are going to place it and the budget we have, the best carpet will be one way or another.

5- Carpet style: Another key to choosing the best carpet possible, is to find the right style that matches your home. In the market you can find many designs to choose the perfect carpet, from classic models to the most modern and current designs. There are as many models as there are decorative styles.

  • Smooth and colorful models can give life to any space.
  • If you like Oriental designs, they look great in Zen environments.
  • Ethnic carpets are trends that give color to the rooms with their cheerful colors.
  • The monochromatic puzzle models are also very topical.
  • The most practical are synthetic fibers, as they are very resistant and easy to clean.
  • In the minimalist or Scandinavian style you can add carpets with colorful designs.
  • For classic styles choose sober models to match well with other textiles.
  • In an eclectic or bohemian decoration, if you want the carpet to be the center of attention, choose a model that has striking prints.
  • Choose the perfect carpet according to the decoration of the rooms and your personality.
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