How To Use Edison Bulbs in Your Home

If you love the look of antiques and vintage items, you probably adore Edison light bulbs. Edison, or filament bulbs, are popping up everywhere and now that they’ve been made into energy-efficient LED bulbs, they’re even more appealing. If you’d like to add these unique bulbs to your decor, here are several ways to use Edison lights inside and outside your home.

Hanging Pendants

Perhaps one of the most intriguing ways to use Edison bulb lighting Kansas City is with a hanging pendant. Plug-in cords connect to any outlet, while the bulb goes into the socket on the other end. Once you find the perfect spot to hang your bulb, you can leave it bare or attach a cage cover. Another type of pendant lamp is chandelier-style featuring an entire row of Edison bulbs.

Patio Lighting

A warm summer night is the perfect ambiance in which to enjoy the glow of Edison bulb filaments. String lights with sockets are made to fit your favorite shape of bulbs from round to cylindrical. Cords come in all lengths that can be connected to accommodate any size yard or patio. These lights are perfect for all kinds of gatherings from parties to intimate dinners.

Sconces and Accent Pieces

Edison bulbs cast a very delicate shade of light which makes them perfect for accent lighting. They look gorgeous inside sconces that are made to show off the bulb. You can also use Edison bulbs to light up dark hallways or corners. They make perfect desk lamps, or they can be installed upright onto a base, perfect for end tables or bookshelves.

If you’re looking to add a little vintage charm to your home, do it through lighting. Whether used in a pendant or accent piece, Edison bulbs bring warmth and nostalgia to any home.

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