4 Tips To Help You Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to how your home appears from the road. It can directly impact home values, not to mention bragging rights between neighbors. Use these four tips to help your house make a great first impression.

1. Add a Pop of Color

Even a small pop of color in the front of a home can make a big statement. Colorful flowers along walkways are a great way to add visual interest. You might also consider repainting the door in a vibrant shade or adding a bright chair on the front porch, both of which can make the entire entrance seem more inviting.

2. Choose Durable Materials

Curb appeal is about more than design; upkeep matters, too. Durable materials are less likely to show age over time, which means they will stay attractive for years to come. Consider attractive ideas for paver and stone patios Charlotte NC to inspire your designs.

3. Schedule Regular Cleanings

While you are thinking about maintenance, turn your attention to the outside of your house. A pressure washer can do wonders for dirty siding by blasting away mold, mildew and caked-on pollen. Don’t forget to clean the windows to remove buildup and give them a sparkling appearance. Roofs and gutters may also benefit from a careful cleaning, although you might prefer to call in a professional for these more complex tasks.

4. Highlight Your Landscaping

A few carefully placed light fixtures can make landscape features really stand out. With the amazing variety of solar fixtures, landscape lighting can easily be a DIY project to take on over a weekend. Choose from spotlights, path markers and stairway lighting to improve safety and the yard’s appearance.

There are numerous ways to improve a house’s curb appeal. Adding color and landscape lighting are great places to start. Using durable materials and ensuring the exterior is neat and clean can also make a big difference.

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