3 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Are you putting your home on the real estate market or thinking about selling it sometime soon? If your answer is yes, consider boosting your home’s curb appeal for potential buyers with one or more of these three ideas.

1. Install Fencing

Professionally installed fencing adds instant curb appeal since it imparts order and can provide an enclosed play space for children and family pets. It’s worth noting that fenced-in yards may be incredibly enticing to potential buyers with dogs. Search online for professional fencing companies in your area using the following search term and your locale: “fencing contractor near me Forest Lake IL,” for example.

2. Upgrade Walkways

There are various ways to upgrade your home’s walkways, from repairing cracks in concrete to replacing broken bricks and removing intrusive weeds. A clear, unobstructed path to your front and back doors is not only welcoming but also reduces the risk of family members’ and visitors’ trips and falls.

You may also consider installing exterior and landscape lighting to enhance visitors’ visibility after dark. Solar and on-demand lighting are some of the contemporary choices awaiting you. Choose lighting in finishes that complement your doors’ and windows’ hardware to create a seamless look, from burnished brass to stainless steel.

3. Replace Mailbox

Replacing your mailbox goes a long way to renewing the look and feel of your home and adding value. An old, listing or damaged mailbox reflects poorly on your pile and gives your property a neglected feel. In addition to enhancing your home’s frontage, a replacement mailbox is also a way to extend your home’s style to the curb. For example, if you own a Victorian-era home, think about installing a complementary mailbox with wrought iron details.

There are many more ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, including cleaning your gutters, taking care of your lawn and painting your front door. To find more ideas, search the internet with the term “boost home’s curb appeal.”

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