There is more to Landscape Gardening than meets the eye

The attraction of a delightful building is derived from its enviable landscape. The perception of scenery comes from utilizing its surrounding nature to almost merge with the home.

Landscape Gardening means much more than growing plants and shrubs in a garden. It needs a thorough knowledge of individual species and local availability. To know how a species does look is essential; and also its height, foliage density, color of flowers, flowering season and so on are matters of importance. Some are sun loving plants, some cannot bear direct sunlight for long hours and some grow better in shaded areas. Some of the plant species require wet ground than others which prefer less wet ground condition. Such factors include planning area an area for a garden around buildings.

Good garden planning makes use of existing ground features to extract value and to add beauty. This also affects initial garden landscaping cost and the cost of regular care besides giving the grounds its own attractive identity. What one can see in such beautiful landscaping is sometimes the signature of an expert landscaper gardener.

Technology serves a big role in modernistic garden designing. The software is capable of projecting out specific arrangements of plant species. One can also get a good idea of the effect of strikingly different colors of the flowers of various species as well a reflection of cumulative effects and counter outcomes.

A qualified local landscape gardener begins with an assessment of the geographical position of the land and study of its topography to plan drainage of water. Next is the design of the garden with all the necessary details included as discussed with the client. This can determine the species of the plants, locations and type of fountains, seating arrangements, the shape of lawns, the shape and material to be used for paving walkways etc. Once the planning is completed, handing over the plan for approval and actual execution happens with an eye on and planning in place for continuous maintenance to keep the grounds looking as planned.


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