Landscaping In Las Vegas

Las Vegas features some of the best weather in America by many accounts, provided that you consider perfect weather to be summertime conditions with almost no rainy days. This may sound perfect to many people, unless you are talking about trying to grow plants or keep grass alive. This is the challenge for those who are landscaping in Las Vegas, because the desire to have a green lawn in their home comes from an essentially unrealistic expectation. This probably came about as a result of the casinos creating “oasis” type of environments where they use artificial water sources to irrigate their landscaping and create a lush look. Little do many people who move here realize that they are not legally allowed to do this very thing. Yes, you can turn on your faucet and water will come out without restriction. You will also notice that your water bill is not so exceptionally high that it would deter you from watering your lawn all it needs to stay healthy. The issue is that a drought in the area has created a water reserve shortage. If the county cannot provide an assurance that there will always be enough drinking water for citizens, you are not allowed to waste water. Because a single square foot of lawn in Las Vegas can use up to 55 gallons of water each year just to survive, watering your lawn is considered wasteful. You are not allowed to legally water your lawn enough for it to be healthy, even if you can afford to do so. You are also going to notice that yard work is an absolute nightmare in the summer in Las Vegas, when the temperatures can easily reach 110 degrees. You will end up either suffering to do the yard work yourself or paying someone to do it for you every month, and neither of these scenarios is all that pleasant. This is why desert landscaping and artificial turf is so popular in Las Vegas, because you get the look and feel of a lush environment without needing any of the water that you are not allowed to feed to real grass. By creating an artificial lawn that looks and feels just like a real lawn, you essentially capture the very essence of Las Vegas itself. In Las Vegas, we do not let the desert dictate what we are and what we want to do. We want a lawn and grass cannot grow here, so we install artificial grass instead.

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