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Top Tips for Regular Exterior Home Maintenance

Cleaning the exterior of your home is often a neglected task. It’s a burdensome, unfun project that few want to undertake. However, a clean exterior has better curb appeal, clearer views and helps you spot any issues with the home that need attention. Here are some tips to cleaning your home’s exterior.

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Windows let in natural light and let you see outside. Watch your children play on the street or keep an eye on that busybody next door. Whatever you look at, dirty windows don’t let you see much. A quick search for pressure washing near me Jacksonville FL gives you some options to choose from. Sparkling windows are only a phone call away.


Roof cleaning is another despised job partly because few people want to even climb on their home let alone clean it. Cleaning the roof needs to be part of your home maintenance, but you don’t have to do it by yourself. Hire a service that can eliminate the buildup of mold, grime, algae and dirt that have accumulated. Cleaningyour roof can extend its life and stave off costly repairs.


Patios and decks offer a wonderful retreat and place to relax. However, dirty, unsightly outdoor living spaces are not very inviting. Pressure washing those spaces gets rid of all the dirt and debris accumulated from storms and time spent in the elements. Wash your furniture while you are at it and enjoy a relaxing oasis right outside your back door.


Pressure washing the siding or paint on the side of your home leaves behind a sparkling, renewed exterior. Hit any shutters, window screens and even the driveway while you’re at it. Removing all the built up dirt, grime and mold reveals the beauty beneath. Fall in love with your home once again with simple exterior cleaning tips.

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