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3 Potential Dangers Hidden in Your Home

While your house may be your castle, it may be time to reconsider its fortifications. Many potentially dangerous things may already be inside its walls. Keep an eye out for these three hidden dangers that can quickly lead to illness or even death in order to keep your family safe and healthy.

1. Mold and Bacteria

Air fresheners and disinfectants may make your home smell fresh and clean but air quality reports may tell a different story altogether.  Many homes have mold spores, dust and allergens floating freely around. The ductwork in particular can be a breeding ground for microscopic organisms that negatively impact your family’s health. Schedule regular cleanings to restore indoor air quality

2. Heavy Metals

Drinking water is supposed to be good for your health, but that isn’t the case when it is loaded with lead and other heavy metals. Lead exposure can contribute to a host of neurological disorders and cognitive delays in children. While you wouldn’t knowingly expose your kids to lead, it may be hiding in your water supply. Municipal water systems must conduct regular testing to ensure water meets certain quality standards but, unfortunately, private wells are not subject to the same requirements. Installing a water filtration system Tampa to clean well water is an excellent way to ensure your family’s water is safe to drink.

3. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer for good reason: It is completely odorless, tasteless and colorless. Symptoms of CO poisoning include confusion and headaches, although many people simply feel drowsy and fall asleep. Household products such as heating systems, appliances, and water heaters that run on gas, oil or wood all produce carbon monoxide. If one breaks or is vented improperly, it can cause the gas to build up inside your home. Illness and death can occur within hours, which is why every home should have a functioning carbon monoxide detector.

KNowing what dangers to look for is half the battle. Have your water tested, keep up with maintenance on air ducts and install a CO detector to keep your family safe.

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