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How To Choose the Right Custom Wood Fence for Your Home 

Whether you are a new homeowner or looking to do some home updates, it is important to get the right fence for your home. When you need a great wood fence Columbus Ohio has a lot to offer. Some attributes to consider include height, wood type and embellishments. Here is a look at how to choose your fence.

Height Is Important

How high does your fence need to be? In some areas, legal concerns will dictate part of this decision. For example, each state has its own set of laws about how high a fence around a pool needs to be and where gates can be. Make sure you know all about local laws if you have a pool in your yard before having a new fence installed.

What Material Do You Want?

Wood fences are made from a variety of hard woods. The most common include cedar, cypress and redwood. Cedar is great if you live in an area with invasive, wood-eating insects. The natural oils in this wood repel insects and protect your fence. Cypress is known for being rot-resistant which is useful in humid environments. Finally, the quality, durability and aesthetic value of redwood makes it very popular for fences.

Choose Your Embellishments

Wood is known for being strong a durable but it can also be delicate and beautiful. Some fence embellishments include gentle curves along the top and latticework on the gates. If you have a simple home, you can choose extras for your fence that compliment this simplicity or make a stronger statement.

The right wood fence depends on your needs and desires. Sometimes legal concerns will influence the kind of fence you have, other times it is entirely up to you what material and look you want. Research your options and make sure you have a reliable contractor to make your dreams come true.

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