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Which Window Should You Choose?

Whether the home is new construction or is being remodeled, one of the important decisions to make is which type of window to install.  Aside from decorative windows, patio doors, and other types of more specialized windows, choosing between double-hung or single-hung windows is a big decision.  There is one major difference between the two types of windows, and the choice may be between better air circulation or no slippage.

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Double-hung windows Medford NJ can be opened from the top or bottom because both sashes, the part that moves and holds the window panes, move. This movement occurs within the frame and without sticking out of or into the house. This ability to open from top or bottom or simultaneously makes double-hung windows good for natural air circulation. If both the top and bottom are open simultaneously, warm air can move out the top while cool air can move in through the bottom. Some also have tilting sashes to allow for easy cleaning from inside the house.

Alas, it can take a certain amount of effort to move double-hung window panes. For those with limited mobility, strength, or back problems, this amount of effort may be too much to operate the window as it was designed. Also, without proper maintenance, the top part of the window may not stay up all the way and begin to slip down. Fixing this problem can cost several hundred dollars per window.


Even though they may look alike, there is a significant difference between double-hung and single-hung windows.  The latter only opens from the bottom, and the top stays still. Single-hung windows are less expensive and have almost the same curb appeal.  Also, they will stay all the way up at the top because they only open from the bottom.

Unfortunately, the natural air circulation is not likely to be achieved with single-hung windows because they only open from the bottom. Cleaning, particularly second and third-story windows, may be more difficult because the top sash is stationary, and the bottom sash is unlikely to tilt for easy cleaning.

Deciding between double-hung or single-hung windows comes down to a couple of key factors: Cost, versatility, maintenance. Double-hung windows offer more versatility but cost more and need regular maintenance.  Single-hung windows are less expensive, require less maintenance, and have virtually the same curb appeal but lack versatility.  Identifying what is most important about a window can help one make a decision.

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