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Different Childproofing Solutions For Your Windows

Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced mom or dad, you know that child safety has to be taken seriously at all times, especially when it comes to your own home surroundings. But if you’re trying to find the perfect sliding or french patio door or buy new windows, you might not imagine that finding a safe yet stylish option is possible. Thanks to a ton of new developments, there’s now an ever-expanding market for kid-safe windows and doors thanks to a crop of new, innovative engineers who don’t want to sacrifice style for safety. From the perfect child-proof locks to doors and windows that won’t budge in the face of toddler tampering, there are tons of new solutions you can try to help keep your home totally safe for your kids no matter what. If you’re getting your home ready for a baby or trying to keep things safe for your curious toddler, here are a few things you can do to childproof your home windows without any stress.

Keep Windows Inaccessible

This might seem more like basic common sense than a babyproofing hack, but you’d be surprised at how many homes skip out on this advice. When it comes to keeping your child safe, one of the best (and easiest) ways to do it is by keeping them away from your windows. That means keeping any possible objects or furniture that your child could use to climb on top of safety stowed away. Even if your child is just learning to crawl and can’t get that far on their own, never underestimate the natural curiosity of a growing child. If you have objects surrounding your windows that make it possible for your kid to attempt a daring climb, you’d better believe that they’re going to try and explore it. To keep things as safe as possible, keep the space beneath your windows totally clear if you can. For lower windows that are already kid-accessible, always install window guards and locks.

Use Child-Safe Nets

If you live in a home with several floors or in an apartment complex that places you higher up, you want to be extra careful about preventing falls or accidents. Using a childproof net isn’t just helpful in terms of keeping your windows and balcony areas protected: Nets are also great at establishing boundaries. You can find nets in any size, style, or strength depending on your needs. If you want to use your net as a window covering, you can use a densely-knit net to prevent your child from even getting close to your window. If you’re trying to section off a larger area, you can use a longer net that prevents babies and toddlers from even being tempted to explore past it.

Use Window Guards and Locks

If you have windows that are child accessible, the safest bet is to install child-proof window locks as well as window guards. Kids are naturally curious, and just because your windows are closed doesn’t mean they won’t want to find a way to get them open. You can prevent any dangerous tampering by using window locks, which keep your windows firmly shut no matter what. If you’d prefer to keep your windows open a crack (or even all the way) to get the benefit of the outside breeze, you can use window stops, which allow windows to open only partially, or window guards, which block kids from climbing or falling out of the open area. No matter what you choose, make sure everything is installed correctly and that your child is never left unsupervised.

Try Safety Strips

Your child is going to want to explore the world before too long. Even before children learn to crawl, they’re trying to climb and touch everything around them in order to try and interact with their surroundings. While curiosity is a wonderful childhood trait, there are definitely areas that you don’t want your kids to explore. If you have windows that make it easy for kids to lean on and pull themselves up toward, safety strips are a must-have. These strips are easy to install, and they create a pointed rubbery surface on the windowsill that discourages children from getting too comfortable and pulling themselves up.

Supervise at All Times

Even if you’ve installed all the safety tools you can think of on every window in your home, nothing beats adult supervision when it comes to keeping your kids safe. Never let your baby or toddler wander into another room unsupervised, and always keep a close eye on what they’re doing even if you’re engaged in another task.



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