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7 Cute Home Design Trends For 2022

Decorating with Wallpaper is the most clean and beautiful way to furnish your home walls. It’s popular in this fast century when painted walls are less considered over the wallpaper walls. The wallpaper can be applied in the room you prefer, be it kitchen, living room or even the bathroom. But as one of the main places chosen to give this finish, today we are going to talk in detail about how to decorate a room with wallpaper.

How To Choose a Wallpaper Theme?

First and most important criterion for the choice: your personality (or the child’s personality, in the case of a room for the children). The wallpaper needs to be a part of you, have a style or theme that you really like. What do you feel when imagining yourself inside this wallpaper? This is an interesting question to ask, you will see that some possibilities will soon be discarded.

Ideas For Decorating With Wallpaper

Still in doubt? We will help you choose the ideal model for your room. Check out our tips and the various cute ideas for wallpaper decoration:

  1. Wallpaper or wall panel – Unlike wallpaper, the panel consists of a complete illustration, without making use of repetitions. For a bolder main wall, the panel is the best option.
  2. Floral wallpaper – Flowers and gardens are some of our passions here, as well as being beautiful, they leave a pleasant sensation of freshness and nature. Bet on the Jardim Dia wall panel , with larger details and drawings, or on the Botany wallpaper , with small and delicate flowers.
  3. Wallpaper with animals – The little room is much more fun and children love to play in forests and under the sea. How about exploring the ocean with the Tuba wall panel , featuring minnows, sharks, turtles and other marine creatures? Or discover the age of dinosaurs with the Dino wall panel ?
  4. Cartoon Wallpapers – Kids are fascinated by their comic hero and favorite cartoon, they want to see their favorite character in their room. You can use peel stick wallpaper that is easy to put and remove whenever you want to change the home walls.
  5. Wallpaper with stories to tell – Fables, tales and legends are even more charming printed on the wall. Look to the side and have a complete narrative with the Saci wall panel or transform yourself into a real princess with the Enchanted wall panel.
  6. Wallpaper to give free rein to the imagination – Fly as the birds within the wall panel Range s . Or go even higher, discovering stars and planets with the Cosmos wall panel .
  7. Checkered wallpaper – Classic with modern lines, the Checkered wallpaper perfectly composes any environment, combining with different panels and wallpapers.

Baby Room Wallpaper Decoration

Many moms choose to decorate their baby room with wallpaper, not only for the practicality, but also because they can personalize the environment with colorful and playful designs.

In the little ones’ room, the wallpaper is accompanied by dreams, games and a lot of imagination. When the choice is an illustration, as in the Primavera wall panel , the design becomes a great distraction for babies and, at the same time, helps to develop the ability to concentrate. If you want to buy wallpaper for your kind room just visit kids peel and stick wallpapers.

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